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Gentle Waxing Services

Not all waxes are the same. Waxing is now a preferred method of hair removal for many women and men as there are so benefits from choosing waxing over shaving.

Benefits of waxing:

Hairs become weaker and finer
You do not get any stubble
No cuts
Can last up to 6 weeks
Makes skin feel smoother

Half Leg (Ҷ֧) Baht 400.-
Full Leg (駢) Baht 650.-
Half Arm (Ͷ֧͡) Baht 250.-
Full Arm (ᢹ) Baht 350.-
Under Arm (ѡ) Baht 250.-
Bikini Line Baht 400.-
Chin (ҧ) Baht 100.-
Lip (ҡ) Baht 100.-
Finger () Baht 100.-
Toe () Baht 100.-


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