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We selected the extraordinary choice of Signature Treatments and international brands sets it apart and you are spoilt for choice. You will find something completely different, or indulge yourself with delectable, delightful mood-enhancing treatments and courses that assist in the fight against the stresses and strains of modern living.

HYDRADERMIE (One hour of pampering for the beauty of your skin) Hydrdermie, a beauty treatment with visible, lasting result, imbues the skin with well-being. In just over an hour, thanks to active ingredients selected to suit your skin type.

Three Steps to complete transformation :
1 Ionization to Convey the Active Ingredients to the Heart of the Skin.
2 High Frequency Charge to Boost the Cells.
3 The "LIFTING" Massage to Enhance the Complexion. LIFTOSOME (45 minutes of reflexation while firmimg your skin) A rapid, spectacular "lifting" effect that instantly makes the skin look more youthful. Liftosome, the first really effective booster treatment with orange extracts that revives the skin with a flourish.

The ingredients with a Tightening Effect :
1 A Vitamin-Enriched Serum to Tighten the Elastic Fibers.
2 Orange and Ginseng Extracts "Lift" The Features
3 Chitin to Smooth the Skin BEAUTE NEUVE (Peeling skin that looks like new) In 45 minutes with Beaute Neuve, our beautician procures smoother skin. This dual-effect treatment is based on the complementary action of Fruit Acids & Fruit Enzymes, eliminating dead cells and impurities.

Three steps to a Younger Skin :
1 Exfoliate to Generate a New Skin.
2 Diffuse Ingredients in Depth.
3 Reveal New Beauty AROMATIC (The full power of plants for the beauty of your skin) Extremely rich in active principles, plants provide a source of energizing essential oils, have a soothing effect, smell delightful and procure astonishing result for the skin.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Plants :
1 Smoothing Treatment with Essential Oils.
2 Massage Treatment with Plant Extracts.
3 Rich Mask with Plant Extract.


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